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Old Faith Baptist is an independent Baptist assembly, by that we mean that we have no ties to any Association, Corporation, Denomination or Governmental agency. We are Baptist by our Faith (doctrine) not because of denominational affiliations. We would not be offended if we were labeled "old school" or "primitive" because of our simple worship style and belief in the Scripture as our final authority over the opinions, doctrines and philosophies of men. We sing Hymns and spiritual songs, we read and preach from the King James Version of the Bible and pray. We do not entertain or promote human emotion but rather depend upon the work of God in our midst to arouse our passion and love for the Lord Jesus. If Christ be not glorified then we have no purpose to exist.

We believe that the family is a God ordained institution and believe that the family should be together in corporate worship. We support homeschoolers and encourage them in the raising of their children. We believe in the Biblical order of the home with the Husband as the head of the family with all of its responsibilities and accountability. We teach that the wife is to serve in a subordinate, yet powerful role in the home. We are biblically intolerant of all forms of perversion that is now taught as acceptable behavior.

Pastor David Hethorn and his wife have been married for forty-one years and have three children and ten grandchildren. Pastor Hethorn graduated with a B. A. in Theology from Faithful Baptist College and has a love for early Church History. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1988 and has served in the Lord's churches for nearly forty years. His sermons and delivery style demonstrates a passion and love for the Word of God. His personal life experiences are often expressed to highlight the truth of God's word and give a lively application to some deep truth.

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