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We believe the Bible to be the final authority over the opinions and philosophy of men and provides to the church everything necessary for faith and practice. 

That the church is an assembly of godly, spiritual people under the direct Pastoral leadership of the Lord Jesus.

There are so few churches that hold to the old faith anymore and that finding one is like finding a pearl of great price. It is our hope that you will find us to be such a treasure.

David R. Hethorn is an ordained Baptist Elder ministering in Coeur d Alene, Idaho under the authority of the Old Faith Baptist Church of Paris, Arkansas. He has served in the Lord's churches for thirty-eight years and holds a B.A. in Theology.  

Pastor Hethorn has a no nonsense approach to the Word of God and a delivery style that demonstrates his own experiences, passions and love for the Word and a desire for others to experience this knowledge of Christ.

We started our Bible study a little over a years ago and look forward to its expansion, ministry and organization as a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please come and join with us each Sunday.

Old Faith Baptist
The Only Calvinistic, Sovereign Grace work in the greater Coeur d Alene area


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