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A web site dedicated to the propagation
of the Doctrine and Faith of the Old Christian Faith
known as Baptist


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Basic Principles

1. Holding forth the Word of God as our ONLY rule of Faith and Practice

2. Our purpose is the Glory and Praise of the Most High God

3. Our method is preaching the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

4. Our means is by a New Testament Church

David R. Hethorn

Welcome, to the Old Faith Baptist Bible Study group. We are a small group of Bible believers with a deep love for the Word of God and we are meeting with the express purpose of establishing a New Testament Church following the Apostolic model found in the New Testament. We sing the old hymns and use the King James Version of the Bible as our text. We depend on the scripture to form our opinions, rule, faith and practice. We meet on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm and ask that you send an email to Pastor Hethorn for meeting location and directions.